Pro-Arté Carbon

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Experience the vibrant, projecting & contemporary tone of D’Addario’s Pro-Arté Carbon strings. Designed to the exacting specifications of our Pro-Arté nylon trebles, our fluorocarbon strings deliver unmatched superior intonation, a responsive attack and modern projecting tone. Paired with the bold and powerful Dynacore basses, Pro-Arté Carbons offer the ideal combination of tension and tone for today’s classical player.

Artists Who Use D'Addario Classical Strings

  • Guenther Schillings
    Independent Artist
  • Martin Wesely
    independent artist
  • Mat Gurman
    Session player
  • Andrea Gonzales Caballero
    Andrea Gonzalez Caballero
  • Giulia Ballaré
    Giulia Ballaré
  • Ali Arango
    Alí Arango
  • Paolo Pegoraro
    Independent Artist
  • Artyom Dervoed
    Independent Artist
  • Augustin Pesnon
  • Petar Culic
    Independent Artist
  • Alexander Swete
    Independant Artist
  • Jean-Baptiste Marino
    MARINO Jean-Baptiste
  • Jeff Allegue
    New Life Crisis
  • Lyle Brewer
    Independent Arist
  • Thanos Mitsalas
    Independent Artist
  • Jiro Yoshida
    Independent Artist
  • Prof. Thomas Offermann
    Independent Artist; Duo Sonare
  • Jeff McFadden
    Jeffrey McFadden
  • Davide Giovanni Tomasi
    Independent Artist
  • Nicola Montella
    Indipendent Artist

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