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A D’Addario Fretted player since 1990.

Lou “Luigi” Musa was born and raised in Rockford I’ll. At the age of five he began playing the guitar and was taught by his father, an accomplished guitar and accordion player from Ferentino, Italy. Lou began taking formal lessons at age seven and studied classical guitar for over 11 years. By 17, he was teaching private lessons during the week while performing live in Chicago and other cities in the region on weekends. Lou has been credited on many albums and projects as a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He also has a wide range of musical styles, from country to jazz, blues to progressive rock, plus the ability to play other instrument’s such as, mandolin, banjo, and keyboards.

He also writes, performs, and produces music for movies and commercials. Lou relocated to Grand Rapids, MI in 1997, and currently performs and tours as lead guitarist and backing vocalist for the band; “The Verve Pipe”. Outside of his busy touring schedule, he continues to teach guitar and bass part time, plus performs locally at clubs and churches.

Lou is continually on a venture of musical prowess, with a mission to inspire and bring joy into the hearts of music fans worldwide. He looks forward to the future and is excited for the many musical adventures to come.

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