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I have used D'Addario for mode than 25 years and also I have used occasionally other types of strings but I'm telling you the NYXL 0.09 - 0.24 from D'Addario rocks big time. When I play my guitars I love to dive in my whammy bar so much that I came to know the D'Addario strings so well, i know exactly when they will break and let me tell you they don't break easy. However since i have switched to the new NYXL. If the EXL120 were amazing, the NYXL are simply fabulous.

A D’Addario Fretted player since 1993.

Guitarist, band leader, producer, song writer, radio and TV personality, session musician, Mihail Vlahopol - half Greek - is well known as Mike or “Sharky”. He was encouraged by many top Romanian artist over the time (Laur Simniceanu - guitar, Cristi Marinescu - guitar, Fisa - Keyboards, Florin Ionescu - drums, Adrian Ordeanu - Guitar, Lelut - drums, Teo Peter - bass, Sorin Chifiriuc- guitar and many others). He started to play in the first band during high school. First hard rock and later on, he evolved to Heavy Metal and Progressive rock. Only late in 1996 "he got to "the crossroads" and met with the blues when he was invited to jam with some bands due to Christmas and the New Year's Eve. Since than he is working with many known mainstream artists as session musician for live concerts, tours or studio work. Having technical possibilities on rock, blues, and pop performances helped him over the years to become a regular fixture on Romanian television, radio and news papers as a figure of public celebrity. He has appeared in featured mas-media articles, not only in the music press, but in the biggest news papers Romania has such as: “Romania Libera”, “Evenimentul zilei”, “Evenimentul Muzical”, “National”, “Libertatea”, “Cotidianul”, “V.I.P. – magazin”, “Capital”, “Vox Pop Rock” and many others. Bands Since 1987 he played with known or unknown bands, big or small. Here Is a list with the most important artists or bands. International Collaborations: Chrissy Wolkof aka Lionness - USA Jessie Dixon aka King Of Gospel - USA Stacey Quenny - Canada Brad Vee Johnson - ex Bonnie M - USA Terry Lee Burns - USA Resolut - Germany Gheorghia - Cyprus Haisam - Lebanon Joana - USA 1986 - SAFIR (first band) - hard rock 1988 - SOLARIS - hard rock 1990 - REQUIEM - heavy metal 1991 - HOLD-UP - heavy metal 1991 - AQUILA - heavy metal - progress 1993 - OF THE LORD - hard 'n heavy, progressive - the first Christian rock band 1998 - FOISORUL DE FOC - pop dance 1998 - SPLIT BLUES BAND - blues 1998 AD-HOC aka The Crossroads - blues, rock'n roll, rock, country, funk 1999 - KARISMA - pop rock 2000 - TEAMSTERS BLUES BAND - blues, country, rock'n roll 2001 - CONTRAST - pop rock 2001 - HARVEST OF SOUL - blues, hard-rock 2001 - TZ's COTTON BLUES BAND - blues, country, rock'n roll, rock 2002 - S.O.S a.k.a NEO - alternative 2002 - ANIMAL X, 3SE, Cristiana Raduta - freestyle (the biggest tour of whole Europe's history) It was an Anti Drug Tour - CNN TV station declared the biggest social movement meant to expose the bad effects drugs has on people. We did counseling in all the cities we went. N&D - colaboration Bambi - colaboration B.R.P. feat Konect-R - colaboration 2002 - SOLO PROJECT - my first instrumental album & the 3rd on the Romanian market - country rock, blues.. 2003 - PHILADELPHIA -country-pop 2003 - TRUE WEST - blues, country, southern-rock, 2004 - EXIST - CHRISTIAN ROCK MUSIC Other projects and colaboration in no particular order: Annes Annais Puia Alina Manole Andrei Paunescu Mihai Petrescu Philadelphia Teo Don'Pedro Nicole Arena Bucharest's Circus Cristi Voicu 1996 - 2013 - AD-HOC / The Crossroads Discography Discography & Studio Work Mike has worked in the studio or colaborated for a number of natiaonal or international artists and here are most but not all of them: International Artists: Lionness - USA Stacy Quenny - Canada Brad Vee Jonshon - Usa - Ex. Bonnie M Robert Thomas - USA Jessie Dixon - USA Terry Lee Burns - USA Resolut - Germany Full Albums produced & engineered by Mike: Petre Magdin - album Vitamina C - album Marius Vilan - album Raku - album Marius Vilan - album Festivalul Mamaia - album Karisma - Album Of The Lord - Album Mike Vlahopol - Album Contrapunct DN1 Singles 3SE - singles Cristiana Raduta - singles N&D - singles Bambi - singles Annes - singles Annais - singles Puia - singles B.R.P. - Konect-R - singles Alina Manole Other Projects in no particular order.: Andrei Paunescu Catalin Beciu Foisorul de Foc Carmen Cristi Voicu Dom' Profesor Georgi Gheorghia Cyprus Haisam Liban Joana USA Mihai Petrescu Philadelphia Sfera TEO Tina Iusco Don Pedro ANAIS Arena Calin Nicole Solaris Requiem Aquila ... & few others...

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