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Products Used

  • EPN115 Pure Nickel, Blues/Jazz Rock, 11-48
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  • EXP14 Coated 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light Top/Medium Bottom, 12-56
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  • Plain Steel Singles
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I bought my first set of D'Addario strings in a small music store west of here while on tour and immediately I started asking myself could it be possible that strings actually made the difference in my tone over the last few shows? I was absolutely impressed and knew I had to contact their AR person as soon as possible and what did I find? That now all my beautiful Knaggs guitars will now have D'Addario strings on them from now on. Thanks team! -Mick Hayes

A D’Addario Fretted player since 2011.

Music carries a different meaning for each of us. We all long to hear those songs that can bring us back to the roots of true American artistry; when it was about who we are, where we've been, and where we were heading. The kind of music you heard from the backseat of your parents' station wagon, full of life and originality, harkening back to its beginnings while still being fresh and new. That's where Mick Hayes comes in today. He melds our history, our present, and creates the future of the genre with his somehow familiar yet innovative sound influenced by styles from across America. Mick spent most of his career playing in and between Nashville, Los Angeles, and Atlanta until his love of his hometown brought him back to Western New York and the rich, gritty music culture there. He continues to perform both in front of tens of thousands and in intimate settings. His guitar takes the forefront, with influences from soul, blues, funk, and rock & roll, and that guitar has been under his arm since he was seven years old - like an extension of his own voice and story. Mick has played with countless greats, not the least of which Stevie Wonder - who asked Mick if he would allow him on stage to sing with him and add a little harmonica to Mick's "Those 3 Words." Mick has also been billed alongside great bands such as Deep Purple, the Doobie Brothers, Peter Frampton, Dickie Betts, Los Lonely Boys, Delbert McClinton, Robin Trower, and Cheap Trick, and in addition to Stevie Wonder has shared his stage with Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa, Najee, and many others. He can often be found appearing and performing at NAMM, the world's largest music conference, with his Knaggs Guitars.

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