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I have never felt a stick that plays better than promark. Every pair is always balanced to perfection. The Promark 5A nylon tips help me strike the drums with precision and power that no other stick can do. Evans heads have an incredible specific variety to it's technology for each model of head which enables me to pin point the exact sound I want to hear in my head when I am thinking about my ideal drum tone. Never have I been able to get the exact tone I want from each drum before using Evans and with such durability. I would never dream of using any other head.

A Promark player since 2000.

Dan Kashuck made things happen for himself and his drumming career when he moved to Chicago in the summer of 2006 where he worked his way up through the competitive Chicago music scene. After landing several spots in some heavy hitting bands in the city, he finally landed himself a spot in the hard rock band Seven Day Sonnet which would take his touring/recording career to the next level. After signing with Big Time Records/Universal in 2010, Dan went on coast to coast U.S. tours supporting acts such as Sevendust, Theory of A Deadman, Sick Puppies, Disturbed, Saliva, etc, plus several headlining tours. He also got the first opportunities to record with Platinum selling producers such as Johnny K and Sylvia Massy who both praised his drumming in the studio. Sylvia Massy told the record label at the time of that recording session that Dan was “one of the best drummers she’s ever had in her studio. One in a million. Great drummers are hard to find and he is one of those rare creatures” This truly meant a lot to Dan considering the fact that some of his biggest drumming influences have recorded with her such as Danny Carey and Chad Smith to name a couple. The first independent album Dan recorded with Seven Say Sonnet prior to signing a record deal was with rising star producer Brett Hestla where he was able to record the entire album in one 8 hour day (12 songs). Hestla said it was the most efficient tracking for the level of difficulty he’d ever seen in his studio. After 3 years of consistent touring and recording, Seven Day Sonnet split up due to artist-label conflicts of interest that could not be resolved. It was at that time Dan would make the bold move to Los Angeles in the spring of 2013 to further his career. Since moving to L.A. Dan has been working hard as a session drummer for several talented artists and bands from both the U.S. and overseas. He has also gotten to work with several more amazing producers such as Don Gilmore, Skip Saylor, Matt Packuko, Chris Wonzer and more. Dan is continuing his hard work as a session player in L.A. always striving for that next big opportunity. Dan works hard every day on his skills in becoming one of the most versatile and expressive drummers out there. He also has goals of being a musical director one day with all his experience in running creating and running the live programming behind the kit for almost every artist and band the he’s worked with over the past 10 years. Learning a lot from his experiences thus far, Dan looks to continue his pursuit of knowledge and experience through hard work, sacrifice, dedication, practice and willingness to do whatever is necessary to continue to get to where he wants to be.

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