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Otis Murphy

Featured Artist

Featured Artist - Otis Murphy

"Reserve Classic saxophone reeds are something special! They have a beautiful response and a resonant sound throughout the saxophone's full range and produce a crystal-clear tone color that is comfortable, natural and balanced."

Career Highlights
  • Professor of Saxophone, Indiana University
  • One of the most renowned international saxophone soloists of our time
  • Japan's The Sax writes, "Otis Murphy's performance made every saxophonist inattendance reconsider his or her awareness of what a beautiful saxophone sound is."
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Click here to watch Otis perform Fantasia by Claude T. Smith
Featured Product

Featured Product - Reserve
Mouthpiece Patches

  • Protects mouthpiece and prevents teeth from sliding
  • Suitable for use on clarinet or saxophone mouthpieces
  • Each package contains one sheet of 5 mouthpiece patches
  • Available in both black (.80mm thickness) and clear (.35mm thickness) options
  • Unique adhesive material leaves no residue on mouthpieces while still binding to mouthpieces securely

Get your Reserve Mouthpiece Patches here >


Education - Your Next Audition

D'Addario artist Richie Hawley is Professor of Clarinet at the renowned Shepherd School of Music of Rice University and former Principal Clarinetist of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. In this blog, he shares audition advice that is relevant for everyone, whether you're trying out for first chair in your middle school band, auditioning for the Chicago Symphony, or something in-between.

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Behind the Scenese

Interactive - Mouthpiece Patch Poll

What are your thoughts on mouthpiece patches? Answer here for a chance to win a sheet of the mouthpiece patches of your choice: black or clear!

For more polls, discussions, giveaways, videos, and product information, visit us and join in the conversation!


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