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Carla Azar

 Autolux, Jack White


"There's no deep philosophical or intellectual reason behind liking a specific drum stick for me. But the Promark Oak 727's consistently feel & sound the best when I'm playing live or recording - and I've felt this way since the first time I came to your planet."



Carla Azar is a northamerican musician, known mainly for being the drummer of the trio Autolux. She is noted for her role as 'Nana' in the film Frank (II) (2014), where she plays a drummer. Carla is a multi-instrumentalist, and has collaborated with musicians like John Frusciante, PJ Harvey and Jack White. Carla and fellow band-mate Eugene Goreshter met when both of them were working on the score of the play "Accidental Death of an Anarchist", from Nobel Prize winner, Dario Fo. Carla had met Greg Edwards when they both where touring with their former bands (Carla with Ednaswap and Greg with Failure). Eventually, the three of them formed Autolux in 2000, with Carla on drums and vocals, Eugene Goreshter on bass and vocals and Greg Edwards on guitar and vocals.