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  • I'm experiencing a problem with my D'Addario product. What should I do?

    We are sorry to hear you are experiencing a problem with your D'Addario product. If you think your product is defective, please contact us and select Defect/Warranty as inquiry type. 

  • Where can I find info on your product warranties?

    Please visit our warranties page for more information.

  • Where can I recycle my strings?

    You can recycle your strings at Playback, a string recycling program created by D'Addario. Learn more here.

  • How can I report counterfeit products?

    Please visit our Play Real page to verify your product and report any suspected counterfeit products using the Players Circle code found on your packaging.

  • Why did Planet Waves change to D'Addario Accessories?

    D'Addario found that many of our Fretted customers were also our Accessories customers. To simplify and streamline the two brands, we changed the name to read D'Addario Accessories.

  • Why did the Evans logo change?

    We thought long and hard about how best to reimagine Evans as a brand. We updated our logo to precisely communicate what we sell: the most technologically advanced drumheads on earth.


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  • How do you pronounce "D'Addario"?

    D'Addario is pronounced "Da-dairy-oh"

  • How do I become a D’Addario artist?

    Unfortunately, we do not accept unsolicited applications for endorsements.


    A great way to get the notice of the artist marketing team is by adding #daddario to your music related social posts. We are always looking at that hashtag for prospective players.


  • I’m experiencing premature string breakage. Who should I contact?

    Premature string breakage is often caused by burrs or rough edges that develop over time at the nut or bridge/saddle over time. These rough edges are often difficult to see, but can be ruthless on strings. If your string continuously breaks at the nut or bridge, please check these points of contact for a nice, smooth surface. If burrs or rough edges are found, contact your local music shop or luthier to perform the necessary repair.

  • Can D'Addario create custom string sets for me?

    D'Addario does not currently offer custom string sets, but we hope to in the near future.

  • Does D’Addario Accessories offer a 7 and 8-string version of the Auto Trim Tuners?

    At this time, we do not offer a 7 or 8-string version of the Auto Trim Tuners for extended range instruments, bass, or left-handed guitars.

  • Why does the ball end side of the low B string for my bass have a taper?

    Many 5-string bass players prefer a tapered end for the low B string. This allows the heavier gauge low B string to be positioned on the bridge more evenly with the other 4 strings. The taper can also improve the clarity of the fundamental tone, which improves intonation.

  • What is your warranty on cables?

    Please visit our warranties page for more information.


  • Where can I obtain information regarding string tension, diameter, and silk lengths & colors?

    Information regarding string tension, diameter, and silk lengths & colors can be found here.

  • What kind of strings should beginning viola, violin, cello, or bass players use?

    We recommend Prelude for most beginners, available for all instruments in all fractional to full sizes. It is very stable, stays in tune easily, has a quick and easy response, produces a clear tone, and is very durable.

  • Is it okay to use full size strings on my smaller instruments?

    An instrument will be easier to play with the correct sized strings, rather than cutting down larger or full size strings to fit smaller instruments. It is acceptable to trim an inch or less from the peg end to allow the string to fit into the peg box. However, we do not recommend cutting strings any shorter, as it is possible to damage the wire wrappings.


    Additionally, if the string is too long, wrapping a large amount of the unsilked portion around the peg shaft can cause the string (typically the lower strings) to break.


    NOTE: When using too large of strings on small instruments, the strings' playing tension becomes too loose, resulting in flabby, unevenly-stretchy strings. Each D'Addario fractional-sized string is designed to fit its specific size, resulting in a better performance.

  • Which strings are best-suited for electric orchestral instruments?

    Helicore strings are our most popular strings for electric instruments. Both Helicore and Prelude strings work well with magnetic pickups, due to their steel core construction. For violinists who use piezo or microphone pickups, Asente, Zyex, or Kaplan strings are a great choice.


    NOTE: Synthetic core strings will not work with magnetic pickups.

  • Does D'Addario offer a bass set tuned in fifths?

    We currently do not offer a bass set tuned in fifths. However, you can create a set from existing strings. We recommend the following:

    A: Use Helicore or Kaplan Solo A, HS611 3/4M
    D: Use Helicore or Kaplan Orchestral D, H612 3/4M
    G: Use Helicore or Kaplan Solo F#, HS614 3/4M tuned to G
    C: Use Helicore or Kaplan Orchestral Low B, H616 3/4M tuned to C.

    NOTE: The A, D and C strings recommended above work very well for this application, with excellent matching. However, the tension of the G-string is very high compared to the rest of the set.


  • Why were certain ProMark products discontinued?

    The decision to revise our ProMark product offerings was made after extensive conversation with dealers and consumers. Our team took many factors into account when determining which models to discontinue, rebrand, and add. To find out which sticks were renamed, which were discontinued, and which sticks would be good alternatives to those we no longer offer, Find Your Stripes.

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