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It may look simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy —
at least not until you watch this video.

This video gives you a short, sweet tutorial on restringing a Telecaster electric guitar with a hardtail bridge, which will afford you the confidence of knowing you did it right. If you just want the quick-hit takeaways, you can read the basic steps written out for you below.

Step 1:

Wind the tuners clockwise to loosen up the strings, then cut the strings at a point near the middle of the neck. You can then easily remove the two sides from the bridge and tuners.

Step 2:

Insert new strings through the bridge and assure the ball end is tight to it.

Step 3:

Straighten out each string until it's past the tuning peg it belongs i
n, then clip it at a point slightly after the next tuning peg (or about an inch and a half).

Step 4:

With the string at the appropriate length, insert it through the hole and into the slot on the tuning peg, wrap it around a little to get it tight, and wind until it's tight to tune.

Step 5:

Repeat with each string, tune it to pitch, and stretch the strings by pulling them a bit along the neck.

While your guitar tuning may fluctuate a bit as the strings stretch, necessitating some retuning, you'll be good to go with a set of fresh strings.






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