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Playback FAQs

  • How long does it take to receive my recycling points?

    Please allow 3-5 weeks of processing time to receive recycling points.

  • What countries is Playback available in?

    Playback is currently only available in the U.S.

  • When will Playback be available in my country?

    Playback is currently only available in the U.S., but we hope to expand internationally soon. Please keep checking for updates.

  • Which stores in my area are recycling centers?

    View the map of participating locations here.

  • Can I recycle my strings if I work at a store or any business/education facility?

    Yes, you can! However, if you are a dealer, luthier, retail location, or school, do NOT use the shipping label listed on the Playback page. Please email playback@daddario.com and we are happy to set you up as a recycling center.


    NOTE: If you identify as any of the above and send us your recycled strings, points will not be awarded.

  • Is there a minimum amount of strings I can recycle?

    In efforts to reduce the carbon footprint it takes to ship strings, all shipments must weigh a minimum of 2 lbs. No exceptions will be made for shipments under 2 lbs.


    If you don't have enough strings to recycle through Players Circle, you can recycle at your local Guitar Center, or any participating retail location.

  • How many points do I receive for recycling my strings?

    Every .25 lb of strings recycled will earn you 100 Players Circle points, or $1 donated towards The D'Addario Foundation.

  • How many sets of strings equal 2 lbs?

    About 40 sets of acoustic or 6-string electric strings equal 2 lbs. For electric bass, approximately 10 sets equal 2 lbs.

  • What type of strings do you accept, and do they have to be D'Addario strings?

    We accept any type of alloy string (nylon, steel, nickel, bronze, monel), for guitar or orchestral instruments. We accept all brands of strings in our recycling program.

  • Can I ship my strings directly to D'Addario, or should I drop them off at a D'Addario facility?

    Shipments must be sent through Players Circle using the label listed on the Players Circle page. Incorrectly labeled shipping addresses will not receive reimbursement.

  • Can I collect strings from retail locations and recycle them through Players Circle?

    All recycling shipments through Players Circle must be accrued through personal use. Retailers have a separate program, which you can read about more here.

  • What happens to the strings? How are they recycled?

    After collection, the strings are bundled into cubes and smelted. They are then cast into metal molds, which can be remelted to create new products.