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Alex Rudinger


"The UV technology is a feat of modern engineering. Evans somehow created an incredibly durable drumhead that doesn't sacrifice ANY sound quality. In fact, the UV1 EQ4 is my favorite sounding kick head of all. Attack mixed with clarity, but no loss of low end. What more could you ask for?"


"Let's be real... it's hard to beat the classic G2 Clear on toms for rock & metal. Yeah, Evans makes a ton of other phenomenal tom heads - no doubt. But they already made a perfect one years ago: The G2 Clear!"



Alex Rudinger was born in Frederick, Maryland November of 1991 and received his first drum set at the age of 12. He played in a variety of local bands throughout his teens and quickly realized that he wanted to make a career out of music.

He began relentlessly auditioning for bands via YouTube until he got his first break filling in for the band Threat Signal when he was 18. He then went on to tour with them throughout the next year & played on their Self-Titled release before departing in late 2011. Since then, he's have gone on to join & session for a variety of bands, both live and in the studio. He's worked with The Faceless, The HAARP Machine, Threat Signal, Conquering Dystopia (featuring Jeff Loomis, Alex Webster, & Keith Merrow), Whitechapel, Good Tiger, Revocation, Monuments, Evan Brewer, Ordinance, Cognizance, and many more.




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