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Earplugs & Hearing Protection

Every musician needs to safeguard their most valuable asset—their ears. And for an avid concert-goer or someone often in high volume situations, it’s also a smart move. Our advanced hearing protection lets players and fans enjoy music while minimizing potential harm from loud sounds.


dBuds are the premier earplug/hearing protection choice for musicians. Not only do they protect your hearing, but these high-fidelity earplugs deliver clear, balanced sound using award-winning acoustic filtering.

dBuds are Excellent Earplugs for Musicians

 Because they are adjustable between -12dB and -24dB, they’re ideal for both practice sessions and live performances.

dBuds come with five variable-sized earplug tips, which allow for a customized fit to any ear. The included carry case lets you keep them safely in your gig bag or anywhere else that’s convenient, so you’ll always have hearing protection with you. 

dBuds Are Great Earplugs for Concerts

dBuds are an excellent hearing protection option for concert-goers, since they deliver a safe, high-fidelity listening experience, even at levels over 100dbs. These premium, noise-cancelling earplugs are great for all types of concerts, from large venues to small, stylings from classical to heavy metal. dBuds allow you to control the volume attenuation. Choose between -12dB and -24dB with the slide of a switch. If you leave the noise for a moment, the included neck strap lets you pop them out without fear of losing them.

How to Use dBud Earplugs

dBuds make hearing protection incredibly easy. Try out one of the five included earplug tips, then swap out until you find the one that fits most comfortably in your ear. It should be snug enough to stay in place but not hurt or feel squished. Once you have the right tips, attach the included leash to each and hang it around your neck to easily pop them in and out as needed.

When you’re in a loud area, slide the switch on each earplug to alter the attenuation between -12db and -24 db. Choose the best volume level for you and swap back and forth as needed.


Made with high quality silicone, these universal-sized, reusable earplugs are designed specifically for musicians and music enthusiasts. Pacato hearing protection provides full frequency, enjoyable audio at safe listening levels. The exclusive design offers an open-air passage to the ear, minimizing occlusion effect (low frequency emphasis), while keeping the ear ventilated for unmatched comfort.

How to Use Pacato Silicone Earplugs

Since Pacato silicone earplugs are designed for a universal fit, you can attach the included leash first. Then hang the leash around your neck and gently push each earplug into your ears. You can wiggle it around a bit to find the right angle. When it feels snug, without being tight or uncomfortable, you’re ready to rock with a -19db cushion of ear protection.


Foam Earplugs 

While foam earplugs offer great attenuation and are low in cost, the sounds you’ll hear with them can be muffled, as they do not attenuate all the audio frequencies evenly. These are better suited for one-time use for anyone who needs a quick solution for hearing protection at a low price.

How to Use Foam Earplugs

To use foam earplugs, roll them between your thumb and index finger so they become evenly thin when compressed, then slide them into your ear and allow them time to expand to their original shape. Make sure they feel snug, but not uncomfortable.


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