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About Drumheads

Though you can count on drumheads being round, other aspects, like diameter, ply, and coating vary. Drumheads are made with either 1 or 2 plies of film, only a few millimeters thick, secured with a metal ring around the perimeter. Depending on the head, there may be a coating applied to enhance durability, like on our UV heads. There could also be additional patches or areas of film, like on our Heavyweight Dry heads.


What are drumheads made of?

Before modern tech bettered our lives, drumheads were made with animal skin (we continue to replicate this with our synthetic Calftone heads). Nowadays, thin plastic film is most commonly used. The film is secured across a metal ring head, which is then placed atop the drum and tightened.


How to measure drumheads

Drumheads are identified by their diameter or the measurement straight across the center of the drum. Common sizes for snare drums are 13” and 14”. Toms can vary from as little as 6” up to 18”. Bass drumheads are the largest drumhead in a standard drum and will usually be 20” or 22”.



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