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Anup Sastry

Skyharbor, Marty Friedman, Devin Townsend, Jason Kui, Monuments, Jeff Loomis, Intervals


"The EQ4 provides a great balance between bottom and top end. There's a lot of punch, but its very controlled and tight. There's plenty of attack, but its not overly piercing. Its a very well balanced and versatile head."


"The EC2 Clear is by far my favorite tom batter I've ever used. Tuning is incredibly simple because of how consistent the heads are. There's a strong balance between attack and punch, and the toms are always controlled over the entire spectrum."



Anup is a drummer based out of Frederick, Maryland. He's been playing and recording actively with artists for many years, artists such as Skyharbor, Monuments, Marty Friedman, Devin Townsend, Jason Kui, Jeff Loomis, Intervals, and many more. Along with playing drums, he's also a producer and engineer, having worked on many projects for bands and artists out of his home studio. He also writes and releases his own music.




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