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Aya Strauss

"The smooth feel, sleek look, and durable construction of the Hybrid Grey Marching Snare head is the perfect fit for a snare setup that can take a beating and still sound crisp and articulate."


ABOUT Aya Strauss

Aya Strauss is a marching percussion educator, designer, and performer who currently lives and works in Torrance, California. Inspired by her upbringing in the southern California percussion scene, Aya strives to pass on and grow the knowledge she gathered from years of world class marching percussion experience, her studies in motor learning in college, and her passion for functional fitness.

Aya currently instructs, directs, and arranges music for several percussion programs in the southern California area, as well as teaching private lessons through her own studi, and directing virtual clinics with the educational program Corps Essentials.

Aya attended UCLA from 2014-2018, where she received a degree with honors in cognitive science and was a member of the UCLA Bruin Marching Band. Aya currently performs with the LA Chargers Thunderbolt Drumline and Sidle Entertainment.



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