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Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps


"The Marching EC2 are our favorite tenor heads at the Blue Knights, with a focused attack and sustain that provides a warm tone without sacrificing clarity in the ensemble."



The Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps is a World Class competitive drum and bugle corps. Based in Denver, Colorado, the Blue Knights are a member corps of Drum Corps International. Operating under the umbrella organization Ascend Performing Arts, the corps is known for their innovative show concepts and unique identity. The corps attended its first DCI Championships in 1975 in Philadelphia, finishing 11th in the Class A preliminaries. In 1977 and '78 (and again in 2004), the Blue Knights were hosts for the DCI World Championships. In 1979, the corps renamed its home competition, Drums Along The Rockies and turned it into both a major national competition and one of the corps' primary fundraising activities.

The year 1984 was to see the arrival of corps director George Lindstrom and his wife, Lynn. The Lindstroms were to instill the corps with a professional attitude toward competition; the successful bingo operation, in place since the early 80s, made it possible for the corps to purchase the equipment necessary to fulfill the goals of the new attitude. The Lindstroms departed after the 1985 season, and current director Mark Arnold was hired. Under Arnold's leadership, the corps became a major competitor, earning its first DCI Top Twelve Finals spot in 1991. Since then, the corps has had twenty Finals appearances in and a high placement of 6th in 2000 and again in 2015.

The Blue Knights continue to strive for performance excellence and remain true to the ideals of Fred and Fae Taylor who started the Blue Knights for the purpose of giving young people an outlet to express themselves and gain self-esteem through music and performance. With a renewed commitment to artistic expression and challenging repertoires, the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps continues to reestablish itself as a force within the activity.




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