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Brittany Bowman

KiNG Mala, Meg Myers, Royal and the Serpent, Toni Cornell

ABOUT Brittany Bowman

Hailing from Chicago, Britt sold her soul to music at the tender age of five years old. Her innate sense of rhythm was discovered in the backseat of her mom's car as she hit the headrest to the beat of the music on the radio—The Beatles were one of her favorites. By the age of ten, Britt discovered Green Day and got her first kit, beginning her budding romance with punk rock and drums. By the time she hit 15, she was playing notable venues around the Chicagoland area such as The House of Blues and Bottom Lounge, just to name a few.

At 21, Britt made the move to Los Angeles where she now has her own studio and works as a hired gun for artists such as KiNG MALA, Meg Myers, Royal and the Serpent, and Toni Cornell, among others. She also focuses on session work for artists of all genres, while developing her YouTube and Instagram following by posting covers and play-through videos. 

With a growing online presence, Britt has piqued the interest of reputable companies who have brought her on board as an endorsee, trusting her opinion and talents to showcase their products on camera. Britt is constantly honing her talents, as well as seeking additional opportunities to tour and build relationships with like-minded bands and artists.



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