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Craig Blundell

Steve Hackett, Steven Wilson, Frost, Matt Berry, Lonely Robot, Fish, Trifecta, Kino, The Backstage


"The Heavyweight Dry Snare head gives me the perfect balance of attack, tone, and response that I need from my snare drums to get the recording just the way I like it every time.

I like my toms to be as melodic as possible. Having the G2 on top and the Genera Reso on the bottom provides me with the perfect balance of sustain, durability, and bite, perfect for the music I like to play."


ABOUT Craig Blundell

Craig is recognized as one of the top progressive drummers, educators, and clinicians in the world. Over his decades of playing and studying, he's dedicated countless hours to his craft, gradually building up his profile and reputation as a true ambassador of British drumming on the international scene.

From serving in the Royal Marines Corps of Drums at 16, to performing at the world's biggest drum festivals, Craig has played in many different settings over the years. He has performed with members of many iconic bands across many genres, but it's the progressive genre where he is establishing himself globally. Craig records many international artists from his studio in the UK, including Steven Wilson, Frost, Matt Berry, Lonely Robot, Fish, Trifecta, Kino, The Backstage and many others.

Craig is also a well-respected educator, regularly lecturing at universities, colleges, and drum seminars on his experience in the industry and the power of self-motivation. He has a hugely successful teaching studio, which produces some fine talent month after month and continues to grow with students from all over the world.




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