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Eddy Thrower

Lower than Atlantis, Busted, Session recording with One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer


"I've never used a stick so fitting for my hands before. The Shira Kashi Oak 5B Wood Tip sticks helps me to play with dynamics, speed, while relaxed, but also play with force and consistency."


"Thanks to the Black Chrome heads, the most compliments I get are about my toms - both the way they sound and look. The dynamic range is perfect for me. I have my high really high but my floor as loose as possible and they deliver across all ranges. Plus they look amazing!"



Eddy Thrower was voted top 3 rock drummer, playing with his top 10 charting rock band Lower Than Atlantis, playing session with Busted, Dua Lipa & other artists. Also recording for artists such as ONE DIRECTION, 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER, TV, Adverts and films. With the knowledge of touring, recording and playing with such artists, he pours everything he knows into his membership website.




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