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Guy Gelso


"As a double bass drum player, I need my bass head to have a full, solid tone, and to respond to my pedals quickly. EQ4 gives me everything I need."

ABOUT Guy Gelso

Guy Gelso grew up in Oakland, California. At age 20, he traveled to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, fell in love with the city and its rich musical heritage, and made it his permanent home. in 1975, he founded the band ZEBRA, which in three short years became the most successful club act in Louisiana. In 1983, after years of playing up and down the East Coast, ZEBRA released their debut album, which became the fastest selling debut in Atlantic Records history.

With his major contributions to the Louisiana Music Scene, Guy was also made an honorary citizen of Louisiana by the Governor in 1983. He accepted the honor in front of 50,000 people, at a live music festival ZEBRA co-headlined with Journey, Foghat, and Brian Adams. Guy was also inducted into The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and, a few years later, The Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

In the late 80's, Guy was fortunate to study with some of the premier teachers in New York like Jim Chapin, Dom Famularo, Al Miller, and Charlie Perry, many of whom literally wrote books that teachers use in their practices today.

From there, Guy went into a successful teaching career in the New York area before moving back to his home in New Orleans where he continued teaching. In 2020, he constructed a state-of-the-art audio/video studio and has become very active in teaching students online and producing educational content for his website.



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