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Ian Chang

Son Lux

"One of the biggest immediate upgrades with the Evans Hybrid Sensory Percussion is the interface that it comes with, as well as the new sensor design. I'm experiencing greater sensitivity, accuracy, and ease."


"The new Sensory Percussion software encourages the user to think in terms of musical ideas like harmony and melody, which makes it feel less like a series of samplers grouped by drum, and that's a very good and freeing thing."


ABOUT Ian Chang 


Born in the colony of Hong Kong in 1988, Chang has lived a nomadic life. Stationed out of New York for 10 years, he built an impressive roster of progressive pop collaborators such as Moses Sumney, Joan As Policewoman, and Matthew Dear, among others, all while performing internationally and recording as a member of Son Lux and Landlady. Now relocated to Dallas, Texas, Chang's discovered an inquisitive confidence that can only come from newfound isolation. Between tours, he dedicated himself to developing his international musical language, facilitated by a home studio and a burgeoning relationship.

Chang's debut full-length record 属 Belonging was released in April 2020 via City Slang. Chang's magic starts with his method: from an improvised foundation of sampled percussion, he follows the innate logic of a musical conversation, allowing his compositional forms to reveal themselves. The album's three vocal features - Kazu (Blonde Redhead), Kiah Victoria, and Hanna Benn - weren't anticipated at the project's outset; they arose like friendships, unpredictably complex and increasingly rare, a consequence of Chang's ubiquitous receptivity.

Whereas on his EP Spiritual Leader (2017) Chang limited himself to capturing unedited performances without overdubs, on this release, the percussionist expands his palate, burrowing deeper into a layered, symphonic subconscious. Consequently, Chang's formidable growth as a producer is on display. Reflecting the album's bottom-up, performance-as-composition construction, his music conveys an intuitive sense of wholeness, carrying its experimental ethos without pretense. The resulting album unfolds like a confessional exploration, complicating the lines between rhythm and melody, modernity and antiquity, exuberance and meditation.




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