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Michael Schack

Solo / Independent, Netsky Live


"This UV2 head thumps, vibrates, and lasts forever. What an incredible, revolutionary step forward for any fan of a double-ply tom sound."


ABOUT Michael Schack

Michael Schack is an internationally known drummer and solo performer from Belgium. His unique, self-produced, solo drum/solo #djdrummer shows are in high demand. With self-produced, multi-tempo mashups, Michael brings his solo drumming performance to spectacularly entertaining levels. His shows encompass all things drummingwhile he intensively interacts with the audience.  

Michael has been recognized in print publications, has won several awards, and in 2019 was voted onto a Top 10 “Best Clinician” short list. He’s been a loyal Evans artist for many years. Michael also produces/releases his own music and started his own record label. In between touring, he produces sample packs for music producers and collaborates with others, like Hospital Records, Loopmasters, and Strezov Sampling. 




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