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Mike Jackson

Broken City, Vista Murrieta HS


"I've always felt that the best thing about the MX5 Snare drumhead is that it doesn't get in the way of the top head. It does its job interfacing with the snare guts and allows you to dial in your sound without contamination."




Mike has been teaching, composing, and designing for percussion programs throughout the United States for over three decades. He’s spent time at Mission Viejo HS (1989-2015), RCC (2004-2013), Santa Clara Vanguard (2006-2007), Bluecoats (2009-2013), and Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps (2014-2019). In 2010, Mike was inducted into the WGI Hall of Fame. 


In 2016, he co-founded Broken City with Kevin Shah and Adam Watts with the idea of creating all-original, collaborative compositions between them. Broken City won the WGI World Championship in 2019. 


While continuing to design and compose for Broken City, Mike also serves as percussion director at Vista Murrieta HS and sits on the board of directors for the Southern California Percussion Alliance (SCPA) as Vice President and co-founder. 


Heading into the 2023 season, partnering with Kevin Shah, Mike is proud to join the team at Carolina Crown as a percussion designer.





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