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Senri Kawaguchi


"The EMAD Heavyweight has a clear attack and desirable deep bass sound, plus high durability."



Senri Kawaguchi is a Japanese woman born in 1997. She found out the fun playing electronic drum that her father owned when she was five years old. After a while by chance, she met an eminent drummer. She received a musical education from him and developed a talent for a wide variety of music. Her performance videos on YouTube who started posting at the age of 12, became popular immediately. She has released three solo albums named "A La Mode", "Buena Vista" and "Cider" so far. Especially the latest album "Cider" is an ambitious work that was produced with Philip Seth. She has released another four albums in the two-person unit "KIYO * SEN", which is paired with organist Kiyomi Otaka. Senri has also been active in supporting arena tours of J-pop stars, Japan tours by famous artists such as Guthrie Govan and Alphonso Johnson etc., and recording anime songs, game music, movie music. In addition, she is invited to perform seminars and demonstrations around the world, including Asia and Europe.