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Siros Vaziri


"Whenever I want a super focused, slappy and powerful bass drum head that I can rely on, I opt for the EMAD Heavyweight. I've never experienced this kind of attack and punch out of a bass drum head, while still retaining a very distinct tone when tuned low. Plus, the durability is out of this world."


"The HD Dry is perfect for a super controlled and dry snare sound. The way it takes out overtones without sacrificing any fundamental tone is incredible. The UV1 heads are incredible on toms, especially for medium-high tunings and for a warm, open sound. They've always delivered and lasted for a really long time. The coating just stays on no matter what."




Siros Vaziri is a professional independent drummer & educator from Mariestad, Sweden. At the age of 24, he is an avid drum teacher, content creator, drum clinician and studio session drummer. At the center of his career lies his activity on social media, where he's a highly visible and familiar name to drummers worldwide. Gathering large followings mainly on Instagram for his daily short and to-the-point drum lesson videos, Siros quickly made a name for himself as a creative social media drum instructor. Today, Siros has a combined online following of over 210,000 people. Focusing heavily on social media has also given Siros recognition in the industry, leading to him signing endorsement deals with major companies like Tama Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Evans Drumheads and Promark Drumsticks, hosting drum clinics, performing at drum festivals worldwide, and more. Outside of his drum clinics and social media endeavors, Siros also keeps busy with studio session work and live gigs. Past merits include performing with legendary Iranian singer Aref Arefkia and touring all over Sweden with the established Tomas Ledin tribute band Just Nu.





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