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Terry Silverlight

Terry Silverlight Band, Billy Ocean, Change, Barry Miles, Manhattan Jazz Orchestra, Roberta Flack

"Both coated and clear Evans heads possess equally professional qualities. It's a matter of choice depending upon what is most suitable for the music. EMAD batter kick heads, both coated and clear are unmatched in attack, tone depth, sensitivity, power, and musicality."


"Power Center Reverse Dot coated batter snare head is a favorite of mine, as it eliminates the need for additional padding (unless desired) lending definition and center attack while allowing the drum to breathe along the edges for a wide spectrum of tone and resonance."


ABOUT Terry Silverlight

In his long and storied musical career, Terry Silverlight has contributed his talents as a drummer, composer, and producer to a plethora of projects across a variety of musical styles and settings.

Terry began his drumming career at age 14, playing on pioneering fusion recordings and performing with his brother Barry Miles. After attending Princeton University, he continued to pursue a career as a drummer, performing worldwide and playing on gold/platinum albums and singles for Billy Ocean, George Benson, Natalie Merchant, Freddie Jackson, Stephanie Mills, Tom Jones, and others. He has also toured globally with the likes of Roberta Flack, Helen Reddy, Dutch artists Chris Hinze and Louis Van Dyke.

Terry has written, produced and arranged more than 100 compositions and songs for network TV shows including One Life To Live, The Sopranos, All My Children, Charmed, Smash, Beverly Hills 90210, and many more recognizable programs. He’s composed jingles for Reebok, Nicorette, Pantene, Crisco Canola. Additionally, he has written music appearing in the films Invincible, Marci X, Sunshine Cleaning, Mad About Mambo, Head Over Heels, and played drums on multiple film scores including One Fine Day, You've Got Mail, Object of My Affection, My Blue Heaven, and more.

Terry has released nine solo jazz albums, which he composed, produced, and arranged. They feature performances by Will Lee, Paul Shaffer, Edgar Winter, Hiram Bullock, Lew Soloff, and other excellent artists. He also has four solo pop albums to his name. In addition, he has written songs recorded by Nancy Wilson, Carl Anderson, Les McCann, Judy Torres, Louise, and Philip Ingram.

Terry's bio is included in The Hollywood Reporter's "Who's Who in Composing," "Who's Who In Entertainment," "Who's Who In Music/Pop" and "Outstanding People of the 20th Century."




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