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Valentino Arteaga

Of Mice & Men, Lower Definition

"I've been rocking with the Evans Hydraulic Red line on all my drums & am loving the thickness in sound & durability/longevity of the product. Night after night they take a beating & withstand all travel, climate & beat downs that happen."


"Promark Firegrain sticks changed the game for me. They are the ultimate in premium drumsticks. Not only do they look HARD, but the durability is bar none - I have never played a stick that lasted as long as these. They're the only stick I can count on when I'm smashing the megabell during a groove or going rimshot for rimshot on the snare."



Valentino Arteaga is an american musician & multi-instrumentalist best known for his drumming in the American Metal band OF MICE & MEN.




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