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Matt Smith



"EXL110 Nickel Wound strings are perfect for my Bigsby Guitars!"


ABOUT Matt Smith

As a musician, teacher, producer, guitarist and author, Matt Smith has dedicated himself
to the art and craft of making music for over 30 years. He was a senior music instructor
for the National Guitar Workshop, along with some of the finest guitar instructors in the
country, leading workshops in Connecticut, Chicago, LA, New Orleans, Austin, Nashville, Florida, Seattle, Oakland, the UK and Germany.

As a player, Matt has hundreds of songwriting, recording and live credits and has toured
the US and dozens of other countries. It's not only hard to find someone with Matt's
breadth of experience, but it's rare to find someone who shares his knowledge so
generously with colleagues.

Matt has produced and engineered for over 100 commercially-released albums,
commercials, and film soundtracks. As a session musician, he has played multiple
instruments (acoustic, electric, and baritone guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, dobro, sitar,
Mohan vina, steel guitar, ukulele, saz, cumbus, charango, tiple) for many artists in New
York and Austin.

Since 1991, Matt has been an international clinician for Kaman Music (Ovation,
Takamine, and Hamer Guitars, and Trace Elliott Amplifiers), and a product demonstrator
for Fret King Guitars, Tony Bruno Custom Amplifiers, Tech 21 and Pigtronix Effects
Pedals, and, most recently, Supro Amps.




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