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Amadeus Guitar Duo

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ABOUT Amadeus Guitar Duo 

The Amadeus Guitar Duo are counted among the top international guitar duos in the world. Canadian Dale Kavanagh and her German partner Thomas Kirchhoff have made up the Amadeus Guitar Duo since 1991. The secret of their success is the complete devotion of the two artists to their instrument.

The Amadeus Guitar Duo has so far appeared in more than 1,800 concerts in some 70 countries in Europe, Central, South and North America, and Asia. The duo has always been able to delight its audience with exuberant temperament, virtuosic performance, sensitive creative power, and warm guitar tone. They regularly play together with many well-known orchestras including the Prague, Mainz, and Mannheim Chamber Orchestras, the Munich Symphony Orchestra, the Halle Philharmonic State Orchestra, the International Philharmonie, and the South Westphalian Philharmonic.

Dale Kavanagh and Thomas Kirchhoff have recorded many productions for radio and television. They’ve also recorded 21 CDs, which document the high quality of the Amadeus Guitar Duo. The two artists' stirring commitment and inspiring style of playing have enabled them to broaden the repertoire for guitar considerably, now also including additional guitars and orchestral arrangements. Such renowned composers as Harald Genzmer, Gheorghe Zamfir, Roland Dyens (Paris), Jaime Zenamon (Curitiba), Christian Jost (Cologne), and Martin Herchenröder (Siegen) have written orchestral concertos for them.

The Amadeus Guitar Duo celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2021. They continue to tour and perform to delighted audiences and critical acclaim.



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