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Bob Minner

30 Years Acoustic Guitarist For Tim McGraw


"Nickel Bronze strings are the perfect complement to my boutique and vintage guitars. They bring out more of the fundamentals and woodiness in those instruments. They settle in quickly and provide a warm and direct tone.

EJ16s are my trustworthy go-to string for my touring guitars with pickups. They’ve got consistent tone and quality in every set, every time, especially in those touring situations where climate and environment are unpredictable."


ABOUT Bob Minner

Born in 1966 and raised in the small rural MO town of DeSoto, Bob Minner has been playing music since he was 5 years old. Starting on banjo, he had his first gig when he was 10 on KHAD AM Radio in DeSoto, and was soon playing banjo in a local group called Fiddling' Willie & The Ozark Gospel Singers. 

His teen years were spent immersed in the rich bluegrass heritage of Missouri and Arkansas, with weekends spent at festivals, either playing in bands or competing in fiddle, banjo, and guitar contests.

When Bob met his wife Ginger in 1987, they traveled the country playing various country clubs. In 1993, they moved to Nashville where he took a job as an acoustic guitarist for a then-new artist named Tim McGraw. As of September 2022, Bob has held that position for 30 years.

Minner has played on four multi-platinum McGraw records (Dancehall Doctors, Live Like You Were Dying, Southern Voice, and Let It Go), as well as having performed on every major morning and late-night TV show, including the CMA Awards, ACM Awards, Grammys, and American Music Awards.

As a solo artist, he is a highly respected flat picker and has four solo releases to date: There & Back & Back Again, Six String Sanctuary, SOLO, and From Sulphur Springs To Rising Fawn - The Songs of Norman Blake, all of which have been met with critical acclaim. As a songwriter, he has had numerous cuts by established bluegrass bands such as Volume Five, Dailey & Vincent, Blue Highway, Sideline and many others.




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