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Dustin Furlow


"The NB1253 Nickel Bronze strings have a unique punch and clarity to the midrange that I think sounds incredible for demanding pieces with a lot going on. They are the only strings I use for my gigging guitars."



Dustin Furlow is an award-winning singer/songwriter/solo-guitarist whose playing and songwriting reflect a clear influence of the earthy, intimate sound of today's contemporary-folk artists. With comparisons to songwriters such as Ray LaMontagne and virtuoso guitar-players like Tommy Emmanuel, Furlow eventually carved out a sound that became easily distinguishable by it's marriage of complex guitar work and warm, home-spun lyrics. From the haunting melodies in "Evergreen" to the foot-tapping groove of "Cherokee Lake" Dustin is an ambassador of dynamic and control on stage. In 2018 he played over 200 shows, many with Harp-guitarist and Fingerstyle Champion Matt Thomas. With two albums behind him (The Sound That You Call Home 2016, and Solo 2017) Furlow released his debut solo-guitar album "Woodscapes" under Cimirron Records (Tommy Emmanuel, Stephen Bennett) on April 15, 2019.