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Eugene Abdiukhanov


"I love the EXL170-5 set for the tension, feel, and response. It suits me ideally for AEADG tuning on my 35\33" custom multiscale. Not too tight, not too loose, it gives me an awesome punchy response and, at the same time, great note foundation and lows."

ABOUT Eugene Abdiukhanov


Born in Donetsk, Ukraine in 1987, just before the collapse of the USSR, Eugene comes from a family of workers with no musical background. Nonetheless a deep passion for music was sparked in his early teens, when grunge was ruling the world. The dirty guitar riffs and depressive vibes of Seattle music led the future bassist of JINJER into the world of heavy and extreme music. He quickly became obsessed with metal and hardcore, remaining a great fan and until the age of 17 when he picked up the bass—an instrument he wrongly believed was the easiest to play.

Early on, Eugene was in and out of different groups, making some garage records and playing some gigs around his native city. Things changed, however, in 2011 when he joined a small band from the nearby city of Gorlovka. Since then, Eugene has been responsible for the bass riffs in JINJER— a band which was once unknown, even in their own neighborhood and has now reached the level of well-established, internationally acclaimed act. The band has already performed on across the world, selling out shows from Melbourne to Vancouver and Buenos Aires to Tokyo.