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Evan Taucher

"I use EJ45FF Carbon and EJ46Pro-Arté Nylon because they bring out the best characteristics in my instruments. The carbon trebles are loud and full of sustain without feeling or sounding thin. I use EJ46 Nylon on my older instruments—their warmth and boldness are unparalleled."


ABOUT Evan Taucher


American guitarist Evan Taucher is recognized worldwide not only for his international competition and concertizing career, but also his ability to reach audiences beyond the classical community. With this, he's amassed a large following by embracing the digital world as a critical tool for music education and discovery. He has recorded several acclaimed classical guitar courses whilst keeping up with a schedule of performing.

Evan performs concerts across the United States and Europe, recently performing in GuitarSarasota's Concert Series, Grand Rapids International Artist Series, Madison Classical Guitar Series, the famous Palacio del Portalet in Alicante, Spain as well as in Valencia, Spain at the Florida State University campus. Evan was also a guest artist at the 2021 Guitar Foundation of America's Guitar Summit.

During his two years of study with the Cuban virtuoso Rene Izquierdo, Evan won eight separate prizes in professional competitions throughout the United States, including three Grand Prizes. Evan was also the first guitarist to earn an Artist Diploma at the University of Texas at Austin, under the tutelage of Adam Holzman.

In 2020, he co-founded the nonprofit Ex-Aequo, along with colleagues Phil Goldenberg and Hannah Murphy. Ex-Aequo (meaning "equally placed") serves as an artist collective that aims to be an example for the next generation of classical guitar. Amidst the pandemic, Ex-Aequo hosted the largest online classical guitar competition to date and was recently awarded two prestigious grants which funded their project "Changing the Canon." With this, Ex-Aequo commissioned nine new pieces for classical guitar, filmed a visual album surrounding it, and organized a large community outreach initiative to share the newly composed works.

Evan holds a Bachelor of Music from Florida State University where he studied with Bruce Holzman, as well as a Masters degree from UW-Milwaukee. Being named the Magellan scholar for Master Guitarra Alicante, he studied in Spain with many of the foremost luminaries of the classical guitar world, earning a secondary Masters certificate.





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