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Javier Reyes

Animals As Leaders, Mestis, T.R.A.M


"Love the NYXL0942 Nickel Wound. Super Snappy and Clear tones every time!"


ABOUT Javier Reyes

Born in Washington DC, Javier Reyes has been playing extended range guitars for over ten years. He has a background in various styles such as metal, classical, jazz, and Latin American folkloric music. Reyes is a rhythm guitarist in the instrumental progressive metal band Animals As Leaders. He spends much of his time immersed in music and has produced a solo project Mestis. Reyes is also a member of the rock jazz-fusion act T.R.A.M., releasing a top ten album on the jazz charts. Reyes is endorsed by mammoth companies such as; Ibanez & Ortega guitars, DiMarizo, D'Addario, and Fractal Audio.




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