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Julia Lange

Funky Times

"I love using the EJ45FF Pro-Arté Dynacore, Carbon Trebles, Normal Tension on my guitar. They just offer every nuance I need to express myself on my instrument."

ABOUT Julia Lange

German Crossover guitarist Julia Lange has racked up over nearly 9 million views on YouTube and over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Yet, she’s not only a rising social media star, but a successful touring musician. She has been invited to give concerts in numerous countries such as Hongkong, Spain, France, China, Poland, and Switzerland.

Julia started playing classical guitar at the age 8. Over the years she got interested in a variety of different styles. Today, she's most known for combining classical guitar technique with modern, creative fingerstyle to create truly unique arrangements and original compositions, for both steel-string acoustic and classical guitar.

The 23-year-old has won many guitar competitions and awards, like the “Lichtenberger Musikpreis 2020," and was invited to showcase her talent on numerous TV shows in Germany and abroad.

In the past, she also gathered great experience in accompanying classical singers. In 2018, she performed with the famous tenor Rolando Villazón for his TV show “Stars Von Morgen" and for ZDF/Arte, where she was also featured as a solo artist. Later, Deutsche Grammophon invited her to accompany soprano Nadine Sierra for several live performances in Berlin.

Despite her promising career as a solo guitarist, she is also a founding member and enthusiastic electric guitarist for the funk band “Funky Times."



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