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"Through our live performances, we often utilise many different tunings on the same instrument, particularly on the lower strings, and D'addarios superior quality has always been able to handle the regular strain that they are put through, both live and in the studio without fail."


ABOUT Loathe

oathe is an exhilarating and genre-defying band hailing from the vibrant city of Liverpool, England. Formed in 2014, this five-piece ensemble has quickly risen to prominence in the alternative music scene, captivating audiences with their unique blend of metalcore, post-hardcore, and progressive elements. 

Comprised of Kadeem France on vocals, Erik Bickerstaffe on guitar, Feisal El-Khazragi on bass, and Sean Radcliffe on drums, Loathe has crafted a distinct and atmospheric sound that transcends traditional genre boundaries. Their music effortlessly weaves together heavy riffs, haunting melodies, and intricate rhythms, creating an intense sonic tapestry that is both visceral and ethereal.

With thought-provoking lyrics and a penchant for experimentation, Loathe fearlessly explores themes of introspection, existentialism, and the human condition. Their songs often tackle societal issues, mental health struggles, and the complexities of relationships, inviting listeners to reflect and connect on a deeply personal level.




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