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Matt Sweeney

Chavez, Superwolves, Endless Boogie, Johnny Cash American V & VI, Host of Guitar Moves

"Flat wounds and capos are the sexiest. No joke."


ABOUT Matt Sweeney


Matt Sweeney's guitar playing is featured on Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down", Adele's "Love Song", Cat Steven's "You Are My Sunshine" and Current 93's "Invocation of Almost." His bass playing is featured on his and Iggy Pop's "European Son". His songwriting is featured on the "Superwolf" and "Superwolves" albums. His composing is featured on "Red Dead Redemption 2: Housebuilding".

Sweeney's production work is featured on albums by Joanna Sternberg, Songhoy Blues, and Country Westerns. His singing can be heard on Zean's "Number and The Beast". His 90's rock band Chavez also features his singing and composing. Sweeney has toured as a band member with Iggy Pop, Cat Stevens, Guided By Voices, Endless Boogie, and The Supreme Dicks. He is the host of the internet series "Guitar Moves" and lives in NYC.



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