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Nickel Creek

Chris Thile, Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins

ABOUT Nickel Creek

Nickel Creek is mandolinist Chris Thile, violinist Sara Watkins, and guitarist Sean Watkins. A sum of more than their staggering parts, the trio revolutionized bluegrass and folk in the early 2000s, ushering in a new era of what we now recognize as Americana music. 

After a nine-year absence, the Platinum-selling, Grammy Award-winning trio returned with the highly-anticipated album Celebrants—a bounty of eighteen disparate, but loosely connected songs, written collectively during a creative retreat in Santa Barbara in early 2021. The result is perhaps the most audacious, yet accessible, release of the Grammy-winning trio's 34-year career.

The entire enterprise is, naturally, riddled with the trio's virtuosic picking and shiver-inducing harmonies. The lyrics, addressing love, friendship, time, and the universal travails of travel, combine the poetic and plain-spoken, hitting a sweet spot of ethereal and relatable, as bridges are built, crossed, burned, and rebuilt.




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