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Teddy Kumpel

Joe Jackson, Nome Sane?

"The even feel of the NYXL 10-46 Balanced Tension set is just right. The smooth, yet unbreakable, whammy-bar-abuse-friendly, strength and flexibility of NYXL is the pinnacle of guitar string making."

ABOUT Teddy Kumpel

As a guitarist, singer, producer, composer and mixer, Teddy Kumpel has been a prominent player on the NYC music scene for 30+ years. He's been Joe Jackson's guitar player/background singer since 2015, played guitar on the Grammy winning album "Home" by Tim Kubart, and sang background with Nine Inch Nails on the MTV music awards. Teddy has also played or recorded with artists as diverse as Rickie Lee Jones, Goodie Mob, Feist, Phil Lesh, Toots Hibbert. He’s played on many well-known soundtracks including the soundtracks of Anchorman and Talladega Nights. In addition, he’s produced and/or mixed albums for artists including Annie Keating, Spottiswoode and His Enemies, Anna F., Rich Hinman and Moon Shine, all while nurturing his own unique bands, Nome Sane? and Loopestra.  



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