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Ching-Hsuan Wang

Beijing Symphony Orchestra


"The Kaplan Amo strings add a unique, warm tonal quality to my violin, without sacrificing clarity. They are able to play a wide range of textures which works for a variety of performance styles, from classical to jazz."


ABOUT Ching-Hsuan Wang

Taipei-born Dr. Ching-Hsuan Wang is a versatile violinist, who is also passionate about cross-cultural music experiences. Her debut album Nikolai Kapustin's String Works: Violin Sonata Op. 70 and String Quartet No. 1, Op. 88 was praised by the Downbeat award-winning composer Michael Conrad as an album which "captures the feeling of spontaneity that is at the core of jazz music." The album includes her solo performances and the co-founded cross-genre group Dynamix String Quartet.

Ching-Hsuan's other album features include jazz vocalist Annie Chen's original album "Pisces the Dreamer" (2014); and Downbeat award-winning jazz orchestra All Angles Orchestra's original album "New Angle" (2017) featuring jazz trumpeter Alex Sipiagin. The group also shared the stage with Grammy award-winning trumpeter Randy Brecker and saxophonist Bob Sheppard. Other albums include classic soul band The Burroughs "Got to Feel" (2018). Ching-Hsuan was the featured violinist for the Blue Note China Jazz Orchestra during their 4th year celebration.

Ching-Hsuan received her Doctor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. She received her Master of Music from New York University. She is a former faculty member at Beijing Contemporary Music Academy Jazz Department and a current member of the Beijing Symphony Orchestra.




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