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Chris Jennings

Chris Jennings PIano Trio +, Nguyen Le, Dhafer Youssef, Joachim Kuhn, Gregory Privat, Titi Robin

"I started out using Helicore orchestral strings when renowned luthier Thomas Martin built my double bass "Karla" in 2004. I like the strong and clear low-end tone they produce on my double basses."


ABOUT Chris Jennings

Based in Paris France since 2002, Canadian bassist Chris Jennings has established himself as a world class player, capable of handling many different styles and musical challenges. He plays with the Dhafer Youssef Quartet, with guitarist Nguyên Lê sand his Fire & Water Trio, and with the Thomas Enhco piano trio, as well as many others.

He also plays bass in the Joachim Kühn "New Trio" and the 'El Gusto' Algerian traditional Chaabi Orchestra, the Gregory Privat Trio, the Titi Robin "Nargis Trio" and the Céline Bonacina Quartet featuring Gwilym Simcock. Drum'n Koto, his 7th album as trio leader in a group with Japanese koto player Mieko Miyazaki & Patrick Goraguer on drums was awarded "Disc of the Month" by Jazz News magazine France.



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