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Dana Leong


"I use D'addario Helicore strings for cello because they have the balance of a warm sound found in softer core strings, along with the durability and bite of a metal wound string. Helicore works."


ABOUT Dana Leong

Dana Leong is a two-time Grammy award-winning musician, composer, and producer. His distinctive sound is an emotionally mesmerizing combination of electronic rhythms and uplifting global tapestries. Considered by many as the world's top electric cellist, he’s also been referred to as the world's top trombone player by members of the Balkan Beat Box.

Among his many accolades, Dana has taught Jazz at Stanford University (at age 16); completed the public policy program at Harvard Kennedy School of Government; given performances and keynotes at TED x Shanghai, as well as the US OPEN tennis championship; won two Grammys in Latin Jazz and classical music for collaborations with Paquito D'rivera; worked with Kanye West & Sean P. Diddy Combs in Hip-Hop, and has been a guest musical director for Fela on Broadway.


As an internationally renowned musician/composer, Dana cooperates with global brands to create immersive music experiences. He has created themes for top names including Hermès, Prada, Hugo Boss, Virgin Galactic, ESPN, Porsche, Infiniti, New York & Shanghai Fashion Week, Hong Kong Fintech Week, Singapore Fintech Festival, Mont Blanc and the Annual $1,000,000 Global Teacher Prize in Dubai.

A leading innovator at the intersection of music, technology, and wellness, Dana is continuously experimenting. He is one of the first artists in the world pairing human talent with artificial intelligence powered music composer engines, creating an electronic symphony "iDragon" with DeepMusic.Ai and Dell Technologies. He has also pioneered live music and VR powered 3D art concerts with renowned artist Android Jones, as well as incorporating audience EEG brain scanner data into performances with EMOTIV Systems.




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