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Monique Clare

"I play on Kaplan strings because they are reliable and feel good as soon as they go onto the instrument. They give me a neutral canvas that allows my cello to speak and gives me the freedom to traverse multiple genres seamlessly."

ABOUT Monique Clare

Monique Clare is an award-winning Australian songwriter and cellist who weaves compelling lyrics into driving cello lines and heart-tugging harmonies. Since breaking out as a solo artist in 2017, her songwriting has become increasingly daring and potent, with hard-hitting lyrics and an unconventional brand of classical-folk-pop cello. Her diverse career has seen her teach cello in Afghanistan, host mountaintop sunrise concerts, play cello for Kate Miller-Heidke and Eminem, and tour internationally as part of The Maes. She currently co-directs a folk string camp and workshop series in Australia called Tree Folk Music. 



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