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Ian Paice

Deep Purple, Gary Moore, Whitesnake, Paul McCartney



ABOUT Ian Paice

Ian was born in Nottingham on the 29th of June 1948. At the age of 3, Ian's father's job took the family to Germany for 3 years, Cologne and Berlin. Ian returned to the UK when he was 6. The family was now located in Bicester near Oxford where Ian stayed until turning professional at the age of 17.

Before the war, his father Keith was a pianist in the "Rube Sunshine" dance band that played the Nottingham area, and the music that Ian,s father Keith loved was always on the record player, big band swing, piano jazz and the great vocalists of his time.
So before Ian even thought about being a drummer these influences were sneaking into his consciousness.

After beating up the furniture with a pair of his mothers knitting needles playing along to the tunes on the radio for a couple of years, Keith realised that
(A) this was, not a fad that was going to go away, and
(B) Ian was getting pretty good, and the furniture would, not last much longer.
So on Ian's 15th birthday, he was given his first kit.

Ian's first gigs were with his father playing Saturday night dinner dances, waltz's quicksteps, etc. And although he enjoyed the experience, it was, at the music of his generation. So like most young people he found other locals who wanted to form a band.
This first band was called "Georgie And The Rave-Ons" During the next 2 years, Ian played 2 to 3 shows a week during which he met other bands slightly further up the ladder. One of these offered the drum seat to Ian as their drummer was leaving.

This band was the M I Five an outfit working out of the Slough/Windsor area.

Ian decided he had to make move to a full professional to increase his performances and therefore his skill.

During early 1967 the M I Five (like the Spy network).,now rechristened "The Maze" played a 3-week engagement at the legendary Star Club in Hamburg.
Ritchie Blackmore a noted British guitarist was living there at the time, and let Ian know that he liked his playing. At the conclusion of the 3 weeks, Ian and the Maze returned to the UK and continued their touring.

In early 1968 Rod Evans Ian's band singer deduced that the band would get no further, and replied to an advert in the Melody Maker magazine for singers to audition for a new band that was being formed. When he arrived at the audition room he saw that the lineup already included Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord. When Ritchie saw Rod he remembered the Hamburg shows from the year before and asked if Rod still had the same drummer. Rod replied yes. So Ritchie insisted that Ian was given the chance to audition. Ian did and got the drum seat with the band that became Deep Purple.

Throughout the past 50 years, Ian has been the one constant presence in the band.
With all the personnel changes Ian has always been there.

During a decade that DP did not tour or record, Ian worked with the band Whitesnake, guitarist Gary Moore and during a brief rest from touring in1999 recorded an album and played a few shows with Sir Paul McCartney.

He recently enjoyed a week at the legendary "Ronnie Scott's" jazz club in London guesting with the Buddy rich Big Big Band

Deep Purple continues to tour and record, and Ian is considered one of the finest drummers working in the world today.