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Amir Oosman

Oliver Tree, Joomanji, Jeff Bernat, Rhye, MICHL, Blue Devils

"I had been searching for a crossover head from the marching world and the Hybrid snare batter solved all of my problems. The articulation is by far the best of any head I've drummed on."

"The Heavyweight is my go-to snare batter head for that killer dry sound we all love. When I've toured this head requires little to no muffling, and in the studio, it's great to loosen the head completely to get that old school punch."



Amir Oosman is a Los Angeles-based artist. Originally born in Karachi, Amir was brought up overseas for 9 years prior to moving to the Bay Area.

After completing his Bachelors degree at the University of California Santa Cruz, Amir earned his Masters in Music (Performance & Composition) from California Institute of the Arts at the age of 22. CalArts helped cultivate his deep interest in world music, sound design, and audio engineering. Under the guidance of Swapan Chaudhuri and Randy Gloss, he developed his proficiency in tabla and world percussion. Since graduating, Amir has toured the world as a clinician, performer, composer, and producer. As a marching percussionist, Amir was a member of the 2008 Madison Scouts, 2009 Bluecoats, 2011 and 2012 Blue Devils Drum Corps. He won gold at the DCI I&E solo competitions in 2011, 2012 and earned the DCI World Championship title with the Blue Devils. Amir is currently touring, managing and drumming for Atlantic Record's new breakthrough artist, Oliver Tree. In-between his tour schedule, Amir works relentlessly on new clinic materials to present to artists of all ages. His non-profit efforts have helped bring awareness to the importance of music education in underprivileged communities around the globe.




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