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Bill Bruford

"Going between rock and jazz, the EMAD drumhead works well in both areas."


"G1 Clear tom batters give me just the amount of ring, sustain and control I'm after."



Bill Bruford is unusual in being both a celebrated drummer and a later-life scholar. Beginning with the progressive rock of Yes, King Crimson, Genesis and UK, Bill spent the last two decades of his career with his group Earthworks, showcasing the best of young British jazz. Voted into Modern Drummer magazine's Hall of Fame (1990), Bill was named by Rolling Stone magazine as #16 Greatest Drummer of All Time (2016) and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of 'Yes' (2017). Essential Bruford recordings include Close the Edge (Yes 1972), Red (King Crimson 1974), One of a Kind (Bruford 1979), Discipline (King Crimson 1980), Earthworks (Earthworks 1987), and The Sound of Surprise (Earthworks 2001). Straddling both jazz and rock, his work as a musician is well documented on CD and DVD at Summerfold and Winterfold Records and at www.billbruford.com.

Bill retired from public performance in 2009 to study aspects of creativity and performance psychology. Having earned his PhD from the University of Surrey in 2016, he is now writes and lectures on aspects of creativity in music performance, travelling extensively to multiple European and North American institutions. His most recent book Uncharted: Creativity and the Expert Drummer, University of Michigan Press (2018), draws on the perceptions of a group of internationally-renowned, peak-career professionals and his own experience to guide the reader through the many dimensions of creative performance, and offers fresh insights into in-the-moment interactional processes in music. Bill lives in the Surrey Hills in the UK with his wife, Carolyn.




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