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Carla Azar

Autolux, Jack White

"There's no deep philosophical or intellectual reason behind liking a specific drum stick for me. But the ProMark Oak 727's consistently feel & sound the best when I'm playing live or recording - and I've felt this way since the first time I came to your planet."



Carla Azar is a Los Angeles-based drummer who mainly plays in the band Autolux. She was classically trained but eventually moved over to the drum set. Her drumming is prominent in Autolux's sound, particularly in her much-admired contribution to "Turnstile Blues" on Future Perfect. Azar is best known for her original drum beats which are highly influenced by hip-hop and electronic music with a strong foundation in classic rock and soul. Her style range is wide and unpredictable, which has placed Azar's drumming in its own category. Along with making records and touring with Autolux, Carla has also done a lot of film work, working with T Bone Burnett and playing alongside Jim Keltner over the years. Some of the most notable work includes 2009's critically-acclaimed PJ Harvey/John Parish album A Woman A Man Walked By, playing drums on all 3 Jack White solo albums, as well as touring with him. In early 2019, she was asked to play drums on The Who's album, entitled Who, and Josh Homme's latest album project, Desert Sessions Vol 11 & 12.



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