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Quinton Robinson

Anthony David, Avery*Sunshine, Peabo Bryson, Bobby Brown, Ain't Too Proud Broadway National Tour

"I require a drumstick that matches my versatility. The Finesse 718's provide me with the balance, consistency, and articulation I need every time I play. These drumsticks meet the challenge, regardless of the genre."


ABOUT Quinton Robinson

Drummer Quinton Robinson's fiery energy and deep pocket have put him at the top of many call lists. But playing at the highest level is just the beginning of what he considers his job. "Q" can also be enlisted to run Ableton Live for a show, write a drum book for a musical, or take the helm as musical director for an artist. No matter which skills he utilizes on any given day, his role is always to contribute to the success of the project in any way he can.

Apart from his many musical and technical talents, Q is known for relentless positivity, contagious joy for music and people, and a purpose-driven work ethic. Performing at the highest level means helping others to do the same. These attributes make him not just valuable, but often indispensable.

Q has toured with the likes of Bobby Brown, Peabo Bryson, Avery Sunshine, and a host of others. He is currently the touring drummer for the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton". He has continued to maintain his demanding schedule as a programmer, musical director, session and touring drummer. When asked about his accomplishments in the music industry, he replied: " I feel truly blessed for the opportunity to work with so many great artists, producers and players. I am extremely grateful for my gift of musicianship."