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TaRon Lockett

Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles

"ProMark Rebound 5A drumsticks make me feel like I'm in control like there's nothing I can't do. I can play to any room, great or small."


"Onyx heads are starting to steal my heart at the moment. This year experimenting with them, I've been able to get the most versatile sounds out of my drums."



TaRon Lockett can't think of a period in my life where he didn't play drums. As a kid from Garland, Texas, he just wanted express myself and music is the only drug for it. He considers himself a craftsman in the Funk Apostles. Honestly, we all are! We come from many shape, forms, and backgrounds of music. When put that together on a stage you'd think that it would clash. Hell no! Not with this group!!! We're quite patient and mindful of each other. We've tapped into something that pulls you in from beat one.