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Tony Nuñez

RCC Indoor, Arcadia High School


ABOUT Tony Nuñez 

Tony Nuñez is a designer and business owner living in Los Angeles, California with his wife Joy and their Australian Shepherd puppy Lil'Puff. He has a meticulous eye for details and knowing when something looks and feels complete. One of his favorite things to do is bring people together to make unnecessarily complicated processes simple and fun.

Currently, Tony is the program coordinator at RCC Indoor Percussion and Arcadia High School. He serves on the WGI Board of Directors, WGI Advisory Board, and is the owner & creative director of Stay Other, The Arcadia Music & Arts Symposium, Arcadia Uniform & Prop, and co- owner of Bends—an apparel brand promoting community, culture, love, friendship, and peace.

Tony has held numerous arranging, design, and instructional roles with the Blue Devils, Carolina Crown, Phantom Regiment, Blue Knights, Santa Clara Vanguard, Mandarins, Music City Mystique, Pulse Percussion, Broken Arrow HS, South Hills HS, and Unik Star to name a few. 

Tony is a Yamaha performing artist who proudly uses ProMark, Evans, and D'Addario products. 



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